who is this Donkersloot? This photo was taken on July 22, 1918, right after this baby boy Donkersloot was born.
In 1968 he was a Superintendent of the Rotterdam police force.

Pieternel Goeres-Slager came up with this information:

The baby is Han Donkersloot. Nurse on the left is Truus Donkersloot-Soet, wife of Willem Donkersloot (B-1187).
Han's mother is Marie Wiggers (right) and the lady in the middle is Petronella Donkersloot, sister of Willem Donkersloot.

Photo: collection H.Donkersloot
by kind permission of his family.
899-2.jpg (8094 bytes) Wedding picture of #899 Cornelis Donkersloot and Sara Krijna Haddeman.




Photo donated by his son Cor Donkersloot, Brielle Holland.
899cord.jpg (6119 bytes) # 899 Cor Donkersloot in later years.




Photo donated by his sonCor Donkersloot, Brielle Holland.
haddeman.jpg (5893 bytes) Sara Krijna Haddeman, wife of #899 Cor Donkersloot, in later years.



Photo donated by his sonCor Donkersloot, Brielle Holland.
donktiel.jpg (10690 bytes) Donkersloot Family gathering at Tiel, Holland in the 30's.

At the back #1237 Johan Donkersloot.
Standing left to right: Maria Wilhelmina Julie Wierts van Coehoorn with husband, #1191 Leendert Donkersloot, Christiaan Albert van Mourik and his wife #1188 Maria Donkersloot.
The girl in front is #1238 Maria Wilhelmina Julie Donkersloot.

Photo: collection H.Donkersloot
donkvels.jpg (8977 bytes) The Donkersloot canal ferryboats in the Noordzee kanaal (Northsea canal) at Velsen near IJmuiden, Holland in the late 50's. The railwaybridge in the back was broken down after the railwaytunnel was put into use.

The ferryboats were called Jumbo, Wijdo and Ardo.

If you know more about these boats and their owner, please contact Hans Donkersloot.

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Photo: collection H.Donkersloot
drjacdnk.jpg (5951 bytes) #475 Jacobus Donkersloot, Doctor at Overschie.

He was killed in an accident in 1937. His death was given great attention in the local newspapers:

Doctor Donkersloot was known for his vitality and good healthcare. None of the inhabitants of Overschie could remember him ever being ill. His only absence was during his annual vacation. He was a very well respected doctor.
He also was cofounder of the local First Aid group of the Dutch Red Cross organisation.

Photo: collection H.Donkersloot
grpreuni.jpg (18039 bytes) Group photo taken at the 1997 North American Donkersloot Reunion.
Read about the Reunion Tee shirts in the Newsletter/Nieuwsbrief

If you have found yourself or members of your family on this photo, please email Hans Donkersloot.

Photo donated by Hans Donkersloot from Canada, the intrepid Reunion Leader.
jedonker.jpg (6103 bytes) It could be a commercial for the "Flying Lure"!

John Edward Donkersloot from Naknek, Alaska. Born February 18, 1957 and son of Henry John & Bernice Donkersloot Bosch of Wendell, ID.

John is a big game guide and heavy equipment operator for the AK Department of Transportation.
This photo comes from the yet to be published booklet "Donkersloot Who's Who" and was donated by Mary Lou Donkersloot of Brick NJ.
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